Prior to publication, it had only recently been appreciated that psychology had a great deal to offer in therapeutic terms to a wide range of patients, and was not merely concerned with assessing and identifying problems. This is particularly so with the elderly where physical and mental problems and multiple pathology are compounded, and where psychological aspects of the quality of life are so important.

The focus of this book, originally published in 1986, is on therapeutic approaches and the effective implementation of services. While the book is aimed particularly at clinical psychologists, it will also be of great interest to medical, nursing or occupational therapy staff working with elderly people.

chapter 1|21 pages

Issues in Psychological Therapy with Elderly People

ByMike Church

chapter 2|19 pages

Dynamic Psychotherapy with the Elderly

ByPeter Hildebrand

chapter 3|24 pages

Issues in the Therapeutic use of Reminiscence with Elderly People*

ByPeter Coleman

chapter 5|21 pages

Psychological Considerations in the Day Care of Elderly People

ByVictor D. Cicirelli, Ellen Browne

chapter 6|23 pages

Self Help and Family Support Groups

ByRachel Filinson

chapter 7|26 pages

The Systems Approach to Changing Practice in Residential Care

ByDavid P. Jeffery

chapter 8|12 pages

'Over the Hill and Far Away': The Production of a Video-Assisted Training Package

Edited ByIan Hanley, Mary Gilhooly

chapter 9|10 pages

Group Care and Natural Living in a Residential Home for the Elderly

ByEdith McCallum, Ian Hanley

chapter 10|25 pages

Ethical and Legal Issues in Therapy with the Elderly

ByMary L.M. Gilhooly