This volume investigates the ubiquitous education of everyday life as people contest the normal, settle on a new convention, and deal with the difficulties that arise. By documenting adolescent Dominican girls, young men in Silicon Valley, successful venture capitalists, and others imagining, explaining, and challenging the status quo, this book presents evidence that the proper starting point for education is struggle and play within and around institutionalized social and cultural conditions. Through a development of Varenne’s earlier research at the intersection of anthropology and education, this book highlights transformative work that constructs new cultures, and it presents a revitalized theory of culture, difference, and education.

chapter |15 pages


When Is Education?
ByHervé Varenne

part Part I|78 pages

Making Trouble and Designing New Normals

chapter 1|14 pages

Normals, Emerging, and Diverging

ByHervé Varenne

chapter 2|14 pages

Girls, Taking New Directions

BySarah Wessler, Hervé Varenne

chapter 3|14 pages

Designing, Animating, and Repairing a Suitable Do-it-Yourself Biology Lab

ByMichael Scroggins, Hervé Varenne

chapter 4|16 pages

Redesigning Capitalism

ByDaniel Souleles, Hervé Varenne

chapter 5|16 pages

Teachers, Educating Themselves About Their School

ByJill Koyama, Hervé Varenne

part Part II|80 pages

Living With Difficult Normals, Old and New

chapter 6|14 pages

Figuring Out the Ages of Autism

ByJuliette de Wolfe, Hervé Varenne

chapter 7|15 pages

Mothers, Educating Themselves About Their Children’s Futures in Mexico and the United States

ByGabrielle Oliveira, Hervé Varenne

chapter 8|17 pages

To Not/Wear or to Not Not/Wear Hijab

The Girls and Boys of Bangladesh Avenue, in America
BySunanda Samaddar Corrado, Hervé Varenne

chapter 9|17 pages

Animals Instructing Humans Instructing Animals

ByJennifer Van Tiem, Hervé Varenne

chapter 10|11 pages

What Next? Keeping Life in Education

ByHervé Varenne