"Uberization," "digitalization," "platform economy," "gig economy," and "sharing economy" are some of the buzzwords that characterize the current intense discussions about the development of the economy and work around the world, among both experts and laypersons. Immense changes in the ways goods are manufactured, business is done, work tasks are performed, education is accomplished, and so on, are clearly underway. This also means that demand for careful, first-rate social scientific analyses of the phenomena in question is rapidly growing.

This edited volume gathers distinguished researchers from economics, business studies, organization studies, medicine, social psychology, occupational health, pedagogics, and sociology to put particular work in both public and private sectors and education in both academic and vocational settings at the focus of the emerging digitalized platform economy. The authors anchor their analyses and conceptual and theoretical work in distinctive empirical developments that are taking place in one of the leading countries of digitalization processes: Finland. Finnish case studies reflect general global developments and show their particular, context-related actualization in multiple ways. This double exposure enables the authors of this multi- and interdisciplinary volume to advance conceptualization and theorization of the key phenomena in digitalizing platform societies in novel, creative, and groundbreaking directions. This book will without doubt be of great value to academic researchers and students in the fields of economics, business studies, work studies, social sciences, education, technology, digitalization, platforms, occupational health, entrepreneurship, and professions.

part I|9 pages


part III|84 pages

Challenges to Skills and Capabilities in the Digital Platform Economy

chapter 4|19 pages

Vocational Education Goes to Industry

Future Skills at Work Derive From Novel Models of Cooperation

chapter 5|20 pages

Digital Disruption in the Making

Digitalization of Finnish Employment Agencies

chapter 6|26 pages

The Road to Productivity With Automatization

Dialogue Between the Experienced and Measured

chapter 7|17 pages

The Digitalization of Migrants’ Labor Market Integration Services

Boosting or Hindering Social Inclusion?

part IV|62 pages

Theoretical Opportunities for Understanding New Emergent Phenomena in the Digital Platform Economy

chapter 9|20 pages

Cultural Transition in the Sharing Economy

Introducing Platform Work With Activity Concepts

chapter 10|18 pages

Ontologically Sound Basis for Analyzing Academia, Digitalization, and Entrepreneurship Together

A Solution to the Sociomaterialistic Puzzle of “Strong Relationality”