New Approaches to Cinematic Space aims to discuss the process of creation of cinematic spaces through moving images and the subsequent interpretation of their purpose and meaning. Throughout seventeen chapters, this edited collection will attempt to identify and interpret the formal strategies used by different filmmakers to depict real or imaginary places and turn them into abstract, conceptual spaces. The contributors to this volume will specifically focus on a series of systems of representation that go beyond the mere visual reproduction of a given location to construct a network of meanings that ultimately shapes our spatial worldview.

chapter |10 pages


Screen is the Place
ByFilipa Rosário, Iván Villarmea Álvarez

part Part 1|2 pages

Urban Spaces

chapter 1.1|14 pages


Mapping Urban Space through Amateur Film Archives
ByPaolo Simoni

chapter 1.2|16 pages

Social Space, Architecture and the Crisis

Neo-noir Aesthetics in Contemporary Greek Cinema
ByAnna Poupou

part Part 2|2 pages

Architectural Spaces

chapter 2.1|11 pages

The Architectural Space Generated by Staircases in Alfred Hitchcock’s Films

ByMaría Novela de Aragón

part Part 3|2 pages

Genre Spaces

chapter 3.1|16 pages

Empire of Catalandia

Science Fiction as the Cinematic Space of the Anthropocene
ByMaurizia Natali

chapter 3.2|12 pages

The Urban and the Domestic

Spaces of American Film Noir
BySérgio Dias Branco

chapter 3.3|12 pages

Film Noir and the Folding of America

A Reading of Out of the Past (1947) and Impact (1949)
ByJeffrey Childs

part Part 4|2 pages

Spectral Spaces

chapter 4.1|18 pages

Blinking Spaces in Contemporary Psychogeographical Documentaries

ByIván Villarmea Álvarez

chapter 4.2|11 pages

On the ‘Ghosts’ of Piramida

Ruins, Memory and Music
ByJosé Duarte

chapter 4.3|13 pages

Remembering a Fabricated City

Visiting Terezín in Daniel Blaufuks’s As if…
BySandra Camacho

part Part 5|2 pages

Heterotopic Spaces

chapter 5.1|11 pages

On Location

Kiarostami’s Landscapes and Cinematic Value
ByMaria Irene Aparício

chapter 5.2|13 pages

Mapping Heterotopias in Colombian Documentary Film

ByMaría Luna

chapter 5.3|12 pages

Cinematographic Missions to the Portuguese Territory (1917–1918)

ByPaulo Cunha

part Part 6|2 pages

Phenomenology of Space

chapter 6.1|12 pages

The Viewer’s Embodiment into Cinematic Space

Notes on a ‘Space-Image’ Cinema
ByAntoine Gaudin

chapter 6.2|11 pages

Towards the Spatial Affectivities of Colour

The Blue Bedroom in Yasujirō Ozu’s An Autumn Afternoon
BySander Hölsgens

chapter 6.3|12 pages

Cinema, Allospaces and the Unfilmable

ByBruno Surace

chapter 6.4|13 pages

Framing Doors, Opening Up Spaces

Cristi Puiu and His Cruel Phenomenology of Space
ByZsolt Gyenge