The empirical study of consciousness is in constant progress. New ideas and approaches arise, methods are being debated and refined, and experimental research over the last two decades has produced a rich body of data, acquired in the aim to better understand consciousness and its neural underpinnings. This volume synthesises this data, focusing on how to understand the relations and transitions between consciousness and unconsciousness alongside exploring and distinguishing conscious experience of sensory stimuli and unconscious states.

Bringing together leading academics and promising young scientists from across the fields of psychology and neuroscience, Transitions between Consciousness and Unconsciousness discusses controversial topics and ideas, providing an overview of current research trends and opinions, as well as perspectives on theoretical and methodological questions.

This is an essential volume for consciousness researchers and students from across psychology, neuroscience and philosophy, as well as those researching modes of visual processing.

chapter 1|38 pages

The Breaking Continuous Flash Suppression Paradigm

Review, evaluation, and outlook

chapter 3|21 pages

Unconscious Visual Processing

How a neuro-functional hierarchy can guide future research

chapter 6|15 pages

From Aliens to Invisible Limbs

The transitions that never make it into conscious experience