This book is a result of the 2nd International Psychoanalytic Conference: "Aggression: From Fantasy to Action", held in May 2010.It contains papers that were delivered to the conference, together with edited summaries of discussions from the floor that followed each paper. The standard of the papers given was extremely high. What was noticeable from the outset of the conference was the intensity of focus on understanding the origins of aggression and violence, from a psychoanalytic perspective. This intensity persisted throughout the two days, leading to a number of the fascinating discussions that are summarized in this book.

chapter One|15 pages

The nature and function of aggression

ByDonald Campbell

chapter |6 pages

Discussion of Donald Campbell's paper

Edited ByPaul Williams

chapter |2 pages

Discussion of Anne Alvarez's paper

Edited ByPaul Williams

chapter Three|17 pages

Violence to body and mind: treating patients who have killed

ByCarine Minne

chapter |7 pages

Discussion of Carine Minne's paper

Edited ByPaul Williams

chapter Four|28 pages

The interpretation of violence

ByJames Gilligan

chapter |14 pages

Discussion of James Gilligan's paper

Edited ByPaul Williams

chapter Five|8 pages

From action to communication: the transformation of aggression in childhood

ByMarie Zaphiriou Woods

chapter Six|15 pages

Aggression and violence in adolescence

ByMarianne Parsons

chapter |8 pages

Discussion of Marianne Parsons' paper

Edited ByPaul Williams

chapter Seven|24 pages

The perverse fascination of destructiveness" *

ByPaola Capozzi, Franco De Masi

chapter |4 pages

Discussion of Paola Capozzi and Franco De Masi's paper

Edited ByPaul Williams

chapter Eight|17 pages

Aggression: social and political aspects

ByLord Alderdice

chapter |10 pages

Discussion of Lord Alderdice's paper

Edited ByPaul Williams

chapter Nine|27 pages

Plenary session

ByBrian Martindale

chapter |2 pages

Closing remarks by Philip McGarry

Edited ByPaul Williams