This book, the third in a series based on the Belgirate conferences, deals with the personal as well as the organisational journeys of Group Relations practitioners and examines these through the lens of tradition, succession and creative application.

section I|52 pages

Exploring Personal, Institutional, and Cultural Journeys in Group Relations Conferences

chapter One|20 pages

“Climbing fast up the ladder?!” The lived experience of directing

Edited ByEliat Aram

chapter Two|18 pages

Experiential learning: the Indian experience from the proto-historic period to the present

Edited ByGouranga P. Chattopadhyay, Ajeet N. Mathur

chapter Three|12 pages

Administration and creativity in the Leicester conferences: dancing on the drudge

Edited ByRachel Kelly

section II|58 pages

Journeys of Conferences: Grappling with Tradition, Succession, and Application

chapter Four|20 pages

Germans, Jews, Israelis, Palestinians, and Others today: thoughts on the “Nazareth” conferences

Edited ByLouisa D. Brunner, M. Fakhry Davids, Dorothee C. von Tippelskirch-Eissing

chapter Five|18 pages

Robben Island as a container for diversity dynamics: the directors’ experience

Edited ByMichelle S. May, Frans Cilliers

chapter Six|18 pages

Beyond the family psychic template

Edited ByBrigid Nossal, Susan Long

section III|66 pages

Learning Through Experience: Wrestling with Creativity and Innovation in Succession and Application

chapter Seven|20 pages

Learning from experience and the experience of learning in an academic setting

Edited ByOren Kaplan, Judith Levy, Avi Nutkevitch, Miri Tsadok

chapter Eight|10 pages

Leadership: a song of mentoring and power

Edited ByBeverly Malone

chapter Nine|16 pages

Beyond succession: learning from experience of being the board of Group Relations Nederland 1

Edited ByPim Stafleu, Doris Gottlieb, Janine van Oosten, Gerard van Reekum

chapter Ten|18 pages

Leadership and innovation in management and consultancy

Edited ByMónica Velarde Lazarte

section IV|98 pages

Post-Conference Reflections

chapter Twelve|10 pages

Intimacy and detachment: working relationships in a temporary institution

Edited ByAngela Eden, David Sierra Lozano

chapter Thirteen|10 pages

Belgirate as the crossroads: discovering the essence of the work elsewhere

Edited ByVivian Gold, Siv Boalt Boëthius

chapter Fourteen|10 pages

Manliness in the era of female leadership

Edited ByYermi Harel

chapter Fifteen|10 pages

The chains of tradition: escaping, endorsing, or exploring?

Edited ByBritta Högberg, Magnus Larsson

chapter Eighteen|10 pages

Boundaries, connectedness, and networks: reflections from Belgirate III

Edited ByRina Tagore

chapter Nineteen|16 pages

Remnants, Quakers, and group relations

Edited BySimon Western