The community in which children are nursed; the family, should by all means be a safe haven. However, it is not. People in family relations are more likely to be threatened, hit, kicked, raped or beaten up. Such violence in the domestic circle conjures up a lot of questions. The authors have been engaged with this problematical issue for years and are now trying to make the dynamics of violence within the family more comprehensive. This book is a reflection of on their dialogue.

chapter One|18 pages

Domestic violence: characteristics and size

ByJustine van Lawick

chapter Two|6 pages

Together you will progress

ByJustine van Lawick

chapter Three|46 pages

The downward spiral of violence between partners

ByJustine van Lawick

chapter Four|22 pages

From ill-behaviour to relational behaviour

ByJustine van Lawick

chapter Five|6 pages

Escalation and de-escalation

ByJustine van Lawick

chapter Six|52 pages

Violence in families of various cultural backgrounds

ByMartine Groen

chapter Seven|18 pages

The coherence between shame and violence

ByMartine Groen

chapter Eight|14 pages

Rituals of revenge

ByMartine Groen

chapter Nine|18 pages

The reproduction of violence

ByMartine Groen

chapter Ten|28 pages

Of young rulers and the terror at home

ByJustine van Lawick

chapter Eleven|24 pages

The therapist as a person

ByMartine Groen

chapter Twelve|20 pages

Apprehensive heroes

ByMartine Groen

chapter |6 pages


ByMartine Groen, Justine van Lawick, Ros Draper