This book centres on the problem of psychosis, understood from a psychoanalytic perspective, as it manifests itself in different contexts and different levels of organisation: from the individual psychoanalytic session, through work with couples, groups and institutions and wider levels of social organisation. Beginning with a discussion of the psychoanalytic approach to psychosis centring on the work of Freud, Klein and the Post-Kleinians, it goes on to cover individual, couple and group therapy with psychotic patients. It draws on clinical material and theoretical discussion to explore the links between psychotic processes on different levels. This work is aimed at different professionals working within the psychodynamic frame of reference: individual psychotherapists, couple and family and group psychotherapists; organisational consultants and trainees in different therapies. As well as this it will be a useful resource to nurses, doctors and social workers who work with very disturbed patients and wish to learn about psychotic processes.

chapter One|10 pages

The psychoanalytic approach to the treatment of psychotic patients

ByHanna Segal

chapter Four|26 pages

Forms of “folie-à-deux” in the couple relationship

ByJames Fisher

chapter Five|18 pages

Psychotic and depressive processes in couple functioning

ByFrancis Grier

chapter Six|19 pages

The Frozen Man: further reflections on glacial times

BySalomon Resnik

chapter Seven|24 pages

Psychotic processes: a group perspective

ByAleksandra Novakovic

chapter Eight|15 pages

Psychotic processes in large groups

ByCaroline Garland

chapter Nine|24 pages

A community meeting on an acute psychiatric ward: observation and commentaries

Edited ByDavid Bell, Aleksandra Novakovic

chapter |4 pages

Ward observation

Edited ByDavid Bell, Aleksandra Novakovic

chapter |4 pages

Commentary I

ByDavid Kennard

chapter |6 pages

Commentary II

ByJulian Lousada

chapter |5 pages

Commentary III

ByMary Morgan

chapter |4 pages

Commentary IV

ByWilhelm Skogstad

chapter Ten|23 pages

Asylum and society

ByElizabeth Bott Spillius

chapter Eleven|14 pages

Schizophrenia, meaninglessness, and professional stress

ByR. D. Hinshelwood

chapter Thirteen|17 pages

The dynamics of containment

ByDavid Bell