This book presents a wide range of psychoanalytic writing on masculinity and femininity from British, European, and North and South American perspectives, exploring how masculine and feminine aspects are structured and evolve in the child, adolescent and adult. The authors address from a background of considerable clinical experience how masculinity and femininity manifest in the body, gender, sex, sexuality and the life-cycle, and cover aspects both productive and generative, constricted and defended. The importance of the parenting couple and their bond with the child in the forming of masculine and feminine idenitities is emphasized. Beginning with an overview of the development of masculinity, the developmental perspective is explored in how adolescents discover their sexuality and come to 'own' their sexual bodies. Different types of disturbance are explored including the early defence mechanism of disavowal of difference.

chapter Three|15 pages

The hour of the stranger

ByJames S. Rose

chapter Four|11 pages

Discussion of “The hour of the stranger”

ByAntònia Grimalt

chapter Five|13 pages

The abyss of intimacy

ByJacqueline Amati Mehler

chapter Six|9 pages

Lack of discrimination as a defence mechanism

ByMartina Burdet Dombald

chapter Seven|13 pages

Listening to psychical bisexuality in analysis

ByTeresa Rocha Leite Haudenschild

chapter Nine|14 pages

Intersubjective context of gender and sexuality

ByEmilce Dio Bleichmar

chapter Eleven|14 pages

Furious with love—some reflections on the sexuality of a little girl*

ByMajlis Winberg Salomonsson