The publication of this book coincides with a increasing recognition that the challenges facing society and organisations are not amenable to "quick fixes". The approaches to consultancy which underpin the cases presented here are particularly relevant in this new context. The contributors are graduates of AOC The Tavistock Institute Masters Programme in Advanced Organisational Change and Consulting and their associates; and the work they describe here is a testament to the quality of that programme and the learning that participants get from it.

chapter ONE|18 pages

Making sense of instability: a case study of change in a large system 1

ByAnjet van Linge

chapter FOUR|17 pages

Power dynamics of expertise and containment in the process of hiring and being hired

ByVeronika Grueneisen, Karen Izod

chapter FIVE|20 pages

Coaching and consulting to small businesses 1

ByKarol Szlichcinski, Ian Holder

chapter EIGHT|24 pages

Integrating mindsets: a story of a role consultation between peers

ByDeborah Davidson, Libby Kinneen

chapter TEN|18 pages

The use of history in organizational consultancy interventions

ByAntonio Sama