Playing and Reality Revisited is the first volume of a new IPA series dedicated to the greatest writings of psychoanalysis. More than forty years after its publication, Donald W. Winnicott's Playing and Reality is still a source of inspiration for numerous psychoanalysts. The authors have invited some of the most eminent specialists of Winnicott's thinking to write on the most significant themes that the author discovered and highlighted brillantly in his book. They show how such concepts as transitional object and phenomena, the use of an object, and mirroring, remain essential today, and explore the way in which Winnicott conceived playing, creativity, cultural experience and adolescence, demonstrating their contemporary relevance. This book is both an homage to Winnicott and a fascinating extension of his work.

chapter One|19 pages

Illusion in the origins of transitional phenomena and transitional objects 1

ByRaquel Zak de Goldstein

chapter Two|24 pages


ByAnna Maria Nicolò

chapter Three|18 pages

Playing: listening to the enacted dimension of the analytic process*

ByGabriel Sapisochin

chapter Four|9 pages

Creative processes and artistic creation

ByAndreas Giannakoulas

chapter Five|15 pages

Genesis, primal scene, and self-engenderment*

ByDenys Ribas

chapter Six|22 pages

Creativity: a new paradigm for Freudian psychoanalysis

ByRené Roussillon

chapter Eight|18 pages

The use of an object: Winnicott and ternary thought*

ByWilfrid Reid

chapter Nine|11 pages

Thoughts on “Cultural experience and its location”

ByLaurie Wilson

chapter Eleven|26 pages

Ruptures and reconnections: play as a thread for sewing up?*

ByMassimo Vigna-Taglianti

chapter Twelve|15 pages

Mirroring, mirrors, and proto-oedipal constellations

ByMaria Rhode