A valuable contribution to the field by a professor of psychotherapy and author and editor of many titles in this area.

chapter One|17 pages

On the very idea of post-existentialism

ByDel Loewenthal

chapter Three|22 pages

Post-phenomenology and the between as unknown

ByJulia Cayne, Del Loewenthal

chapter Five|13 pages

Language, experience, and representation: a re-examination of the case of Lola Voss

ByRhiannon Thomas, Del Loewenthal

chapter Six|28 pages

Laing and the treatment is the way we treat people

ByTom Cotton, Del Loewenthal

chapter Seven|21 pages

Post-existentialism, counselling psychology, and the diagnosis of schizophrenia

ByPatrick Larsson, Del Loewenthal

chapter Eight|19 pages

A training in post-existentialism: placing Rogers and psychoanalysis

ByDel Loewenthal, Robert Snell

chapter Ten|5 pages

Towards a therapy without foundations

ByDel Loewenthal