For many years psychotherapy and neuroscience have been estranged, existing on opposite ends of the spectrum concerned with the investigation of the mind. However, in recent years, these two opposing schools of thought have found their paths converging so that now a mutually rewarding relationship is taking its first steps towards greater co-operation and understanding. The UKCP conference was one such step. Leading experts in affective neuroscience and psychotherapy attended and gave lectures that integrated material and theories from a number of fields on diverse subjects such as infant development and the relationship between emotion and consciousness. These talks highlighted the benefit of greater contact between these fields, with practical examples as well as theoretical. This innovative collection is one of the first to emphasise and demonstrate the value of greater unity and is an essential introduction for all to this burgeoning area of research.

chapter One|45 pages

The seventh annual John Bowlby Memorial Lecture

Minds in the making: attachment, the self-organizing brain, and developmentally-oriented psychoanalytic psychotherapy