This book offers ten distinguished analysts' insights on shame from various perspectives, which include its developmental substrate, vicissitudes during adolescence, and manifestations in the course of aging and infirmity. It seeks to advance clinicians' empathy and therapeutic skills in this realm.

part I|45 pages

Developmental Realm

chapter One|15 pages

Shame in childhood

ByAnn Smolen

chapter Two|14 pages

Puberty, adolescence, and shame

ByMali Mann

chapter Three|13 pages

Shame across the adult lifespan

ByMark Moore

part II|44 pages

Cultural Realm

chapter Four|22 pages

The cultural faces of shame

ByApurva Shah

chapter Five|20 pages

Shame and murder-suicide: Adolf Hitler and the Nazi cult of death

ByIra Brenner

part III|113 pages

Clinical Realm

chapter Six|21 pages

Shame and shamelessness

BySalman Akhtar

chapter Seven|13 pages

Laziness and its links to shame

ByJerome S. Blackman

chapter Eight|12 pages

Shame and the aversion to apologizing

ByMelvin R. Lansky

chapter Nine|19 pages

The dialectic of shame in cross-cultural therapeutic encounters

ByChristie Platt

chapter Ten|23 pages

The role of shame in treating maniacal triumph and paranoia

ByPatricia L. Gibbs

chapter Eleven|19 pages

The analyst’s sense of shame

ByAnne J. Adelman