This book focuses on the clinical treatment of disability from French researchers in the fields of psychology, anthropology, psychiatry, and philosophy. It provides English-speaking readers with an insight into the way French authors raise the relevant issues and implement innovative practices.

chapter ONE|16 pages

Virility, masculine identity, and disability

ByPierre Ancet

chapter THREE|13 pages

Cultural interpretation of disability

ByCharles Gardou

chapter FOUR|19 pages

Prediction, disability, and genetics

ByMarcela Gargiulo

chapter FIVE|25 pages

The psychoanalytical approach to disability

BySimone Korff Sausse

chapter SIX|14 pages

The normality of the abnormal: disability, norms, and normality

ByRoger Salbreux

chapter EIGHT|15 pages

Bodies lost and bodies gained: the major periods in the history of disability

ByHenri-Jacques Stiker

chapter NINE|17 pages

Prenatal diagnosis and handicap

BySylvain Missonnier

chapter ELEVEN|19 pages

Adolescence: psychic process or a mere stage in biology?

ByDenis Vaginay