This book presents the theories and observations of each major contributor to the discussion of psychoanalytic technique and reveals the particular advantages and disadvantages which fall to the various theoretical positions and orientations adopted by each contributor.

part One|73 pages

Introduction to the Problems of Technique

part Two|230 pages

On Transference and Countertransference

chapter EIGHT|10 pages

The dynamics of transference

chapter NINE|18 pages

Transference and repetition

chapter TWELVE|22 pages

The forms of transference

chapter THIRTEEN|17 pages

Transference psychosis

chapter FOURTEEN|16 pages

Transference perversion

chapter FIFTEEN|11 pages

Early transference

[1] Pre-oedipal phase or early stages of the Oedipus complex

chapter SIXTEEN|11 pages

Early transference

[2] Primitive emotional development

part Three|197 pages

On Interpretation and Other Instruments

chapter TWENTY-FIVE|12 pages

The concept of interpretation

chapter TWENTY-SIX|17 pages

Interpretation in psychoanalysis

chapter TWENTY-SEVEN|22 pages


chapter TWENTY-EIGHT|17 pages

Constructions of early development

chapter TWENTY-NINE|13 pages

Metapsychology of interpretation

chapter THIRTY|11 pages

Interpretation and the ego

chapter THIRTY-TWO|16 pages

Types of interpretation

chapter THIRTY-THREE|22 pages

Mutative interpretation

chapter THIRTY-FOUR|16 pages

Interpretative styles

part Four|100 pages

On the Nature of the Psychoanalytic Process

chapter THIRTY-SIX|11 pages

The analytic situation

chapter THIRTY-SEVEN|9 pages

Analytic situation and analytic process

chapter THIRTY-EIGHT|12 pages

The analytic setting

chapter THIRTY-NINE|10 pages

The analytic process

chapter FORTY|15 pages

Regression and setting

chapter FORTY-ONE|15 pages

Regression as a curative process

part Five|56 pages

On the Stages of Analysis

chapter FORTY-FOUR|9 pages

The initial stage

chapter FORTY-FIVE|12 pages

The middle stage of analysis

chapter FORTY-SIX|12 pages

Theories of termination

chapter FORTY-SEVEN|10 pages

Clinical aspects of termination

chapter FORTY-EIGHT|11 pages

The technique of termination of analysis

part Six|153 pages

On the Vicissitudes of the Psychoanalytic Process

chapter FIFTY|16 pages

Insight and working-through

chapter FIFTY-ONE|13 pages

The metapsychology of insight

chapter FIFTY-TWO|11 pages

Acting Out [1]

chapter FIFTY-THREE|10 pages

Acting out [2]

chapter FIFTY-FOUR|16 pages

Acting out [3]

chapter FIFTY-FIVE|10 pages

Negative therapeutic reaction [1]

chapter FIFTY-SIX|15 pages

Negative therapeutic reaction [2]

chapter FIFTY-SEVEN|10 pages

Reversible perspective [1]

chapter FIFTY-EIGHT|7 pages

Reversible perspective [2]

chapter FIFTY-NINE|13 pages

The theory of misunderstanding

chapter SIXTY|16 pages


chapter |3 pages