This book promotes curiosity, exploration and learning about difference by paying as much attention as to how we learn (process) as to what we learn (content). It shares the thinking, experience and learning of staff at the Tavistock Clinic, the premier psychotherapy training institution in the NHS.

chapter |9 pages


ByFrank Lowe

chapter One|24 pages

Thinking space: the model

ByFrank Lowe

chapter Three|19 pages

Between fear and blindness: the white therapist and the black patient

ByHelen Morgan

chapter Four|10 pages

Is it coz I’m white?

ByDavid Morgan

chapter Five|24 pages

Being “black” in the transference: working under the spectre of racism

ByJonathan Bradley

chapter Six|18 pages

The complexity of cultural competence

ByInga-Britt Krause

chapter Eight|19 pages

Psychoanalysis and homosexuality: keeping the discussion moving

ByJuliet Newbigin

chapter Eleven|18 pages

The August 2011 Riots—them and us

ByFrank Lowe