This book is concerned with the study of organizations of various kinds. It examines the patterns of conscious and unconscious life of those organizations in which traumatic experience is ubiquitous and understanding the variations in individual, group, and organizations.

part I|126 pages

Processes and Systems

chapter Three|20 pages

Trauma as cause and effect of perverse organizational process

BySusan Long

chapter Six|16 pages

The survival and development of a traumatized clinic for psychotherapy for people with intellectual disabilities

ByAlan Corbett, Tamsin Cottis, Elizabeth Lloyd

part II|150 pages

Leaders and Leadership

chapter Eight|21 pages

Disorganized responses to refusal and spoiling in traumatized organizations

ByChristopher Scanlon, John Adlam

chapter Eleven|17 pages

Organizations in traumatized societies: the Israeli case* 1

ByOrit Nuttman-Shwartz, Haim Weinberg