This volume on groups emphasises the importance of a psychoanalytic analysis, as opposed to a behaviourist account. Work by Foulkes and Bion is reconsidered in the light of current clinical practice by Robin Cooper and Michael Halton, and the American scene is represented through an essay by Otto Kernberg, using Freud's work on group psychology.

chapter |7 pages


ByChris Oakley

chapter |31 pages

Freud on Groups

ByNorman Vella

chapter |32 pages

Foulkes and Group Analysis

ByRobin Cooper

chapter |21 pages

Bion, Foulkes and the Oedipal Situation

ByMichael Halton

chapter |20 pages

Mass Psychology through the Analytic Lens 1

ByOtto F. Kernberg

chapter |35 pages

The Social Unconscious in Clinical Work 1

ByEarl Hopper

chapter |21 pages

The Dilemmas of Ignorance

ByPhilip Boxer

chapter |18 pages

Levinas and the Question of the Group

BySteven Gans