With case studies from the USA, Canada, Chile, and other countries in Latin America, American Chinese Restaurants examines the lived experiences of what it is like to work in a Chinese restaurant.

The book provides ethnographic insights on small family businesses, struggling immigrant parents, and kids working, living, and growing up in an American Chinese restaurant. This is the first book based on personal histories to document and analyze the American Chinese restaurant world. New narratives by various international and American contributors have presented Chinese restaurants as dynamic agencies that raise questions on identity, ethnicity, transnationalism, industrialization, (post)modernity, assimilation, public and civic spheres, and socioeconomic differences.

American Chinese Restaurants will be of interest to general readers, scholars, and college students from undergraduate to graduate level, who wish to know Chinese restaurant life and understand the relationship between food and society.

part Part I|85 pages

Social Analysis

chapter 1|23 pages

Creating and Negotiating "Chineseness" Through Chinese Restaurants in Santiago, Chile

ByCarol Chan, Maria Montt Strabucchi

chapter 2|18 pages

From Chinese Donuts to Leek Cakes

Navigating Los Angeles Chinatown's Golden Waters
ByFrances Huynh

chapter 3|18 pages

Feeding Prejudices

Chinese Fondas and the Culinary Making of National Identity in Peru
ByPatricia Palma, José Ragas

chapter 4|13 pages

Selling Donuts in the Fragmented Metropolis

Chinese Cambodian Donut Shops in Los Angeles and the Practices of Chinese Restaurants
ByErin M. Curtis

chapter 5|11 pages

Talk Doesn't Cook Rice

Chinese Restaurants and the Chinese (American) Dream in Ohio
ByAnthony Miller

part Part II|82 pages

Culinary Histories

chapter 6|16 pages

Surveying the Genealogy of Chinese Restaurants in Mexico

From High-End Franchises to Makeshift Stands
ByYong Chen

chapter 7|16 pages

Live at the China Royal

A Funky Ode to Fall River's Chow Mein Sandwich
ByOliver Wang

chapter 8|15 pages

Under the Banner of Northern Chinese Cuisine

Invention of the Pan-China Cuisine in American Chinese Restaurants
ByDavid Y. H. Wu

chapter 9|19 pages

Oriental Palaces

Chin F. Foin and Chinese Fine Dining in Exclusion-Era Chicago
BySamuel King

chapter 10|14 pages

Chop Suey, P.F. Chang's, and Chinese Food in America

ByHaiming Liu

part Part III|58 pages

Person-Centered Narratives

chapter 11|16 pages

Chinese Restaurants and Jewish American Culture

ByJacob R. Levin

chapter 12|15 pages

Last Tango in Argentina

ByCheuk Kwan

chapter 14|5 pages

Chinese American Chef Ming Tsai

Life of East and West Hybridity
ByJenny Banh

chapter 15|9 pages

Culinary Ambassador Chef Martin Yan Speaks

Life, "Authenticity," and the Future of Chinese Restaurants
ByJenny Banh

part Part IV|15 pages


chapter |13 pages


What Number Did We Get?
ByIsha Aran, Karl Orozco

part part V|61 pages

Visual Analysis

chapter 17|14 pages

A Visual Habitat Study for Chinese Restaurants in a California Conurbation

ByNicholas Bauch, Rick Miller

chapter 18|17 pages

Redefining and Challenging the Boundaries of Chinese Cuisine

A Visually Based Exploration of Uyghur Restaurants in the United States
ByChristopher Sullivan

chapter 19|9 pages

Diasporic Counterpublics

The Chinese Restaurant as Institution and Installation in Canada
ByLily Cho

chapter 20|16 pages

Toy's Chinese Restaurants

Exploring the Political Dimension of Race through the Built Environment
ByHongyan Yang

chapter |3 pages


ByE. N. Anderson