Trade has always been an intensely political activity. Its conduct determines the well-being of entire national communities, and expansion of trade since the Second World War has been one of the major engines of world economic growth. In this new, fully updated edition, leading experts from around the world provide a comprehensive overview of the politics of international trade in the twenty-first century. The book explains the changing political environment in which trade policy is shaped, the core political issues, the future trade agenda and the role of the key actors.

Subjects covered include:

  • transatlantic trade relations
  • regional trading agreements in Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America
  • how trade affects developing countries
  • the politics of the World Trade Organization
  • key policy areas such as agriculture, competition and intellectual property
  • the role of firms and governments in international trade
  • how trade impacts on human rights and the environment.

chapter |19 pages


Trade politics: environments, agendas and processes
ByBrian Hocking, Steven McGuire

part Part I|82 pages

Environments and issues

chapter 1|13 pages

From Seattle and Doha to Cancún

The trade agenda in the new millennium
ByBruce E. Moon

chapter 2|15 pages

The politics of transatlantic trade relations

ByJohn Peterson

chapter 3|14 pages

Trade politics in East Asia

ByJohn Ravenhill

chapter 4|13 pages


A decade on
ByAndrew F. Cooper

chapter 5|12 pages

The political economy of the Free Trade Area of the Americas

ByPaulo S. Wrobel

chapter 6|13 pages

Trade and Africa

Transforming fringe into franchise
ByTimothy M. Shaw, Janis van der Westhuizen

part Part II|59 pages

The politics of the World Trade Organization

chapter 7|15 pages

The WTO in perspective

ByRazeen Sally

chapter 8|13 pages

Understanding the WTO dispute settlement process

ByDonna Lee

chapter 9|13 pages

Developing countries and the WTO

ByAmrita Narlikar

chapter 10|16 pages

The WTO and civil society

ByJan Aart Scholte

part Part III|98 pages

The trade agenda

chapter 11|14 pages

Agricultural trade policy

ByDavid N. Balaam

chapter 12|15 pages

Trading ideas

The politics of intellectual property
ByAnn Capling

chapter 13|14 pages

Linking competition policy and trade

ByChad Damro

chapter 14|15 pages

Investment issues in the WTO

ByBijit Bora

chapter 15|15 pages

Trade and the environment

ByDuncan Brack

chapter 16|11 pages

Trade and human rights

The issue of minimum labour standards
ByGijsbert van Liemt

chapter 17|12 pages

Trading food

The politics of genetically modified organisms
ByRobert Falkner

part Part IV|56 pages

Actors and processes

chapter 18|13 pages

Beyond Seattle: Adapting the Trade Policy process

ByBrian Hocking

chapter 19|13 pages

Firms and governments in international trade 1

BySteven McGuire

chapter 20|15 pages

The European Union as a trade policy actor

ByMichael Smith

chapter 21|13 pages

Continuity and change in US trade policy, 1993–2003

ByGeoffrey Allen Pigman