Spanning over a millennium of history, this book seeks to describe and define the evolution of the China–Southeast Asia nexus and the interactions which have shaped their shared pasts.

Examining the relationships which have proven integral to connecting Northeast and Southeast Asia with other parts of the world, the contributors of the volume provide a wide-ranging historical context to changing relations in the region today – perhaps one of the most intense re-orderings occurring anywhere in the world. From maritime trading relations and political interactions to overland Chinese expansion and commerce in Southeast Asia, this book reveals rarely explored connections across the China–Southeast Asia interface. In so doing, it transcends existing area studies boundaries to present an invaluable new perspective to the field.

A major contribution to the study of Asian economic and cultural interactions, this book will appeal to students and scholars of Chinese history, as well as those engaged with Southeast Asia.

chapter 1|18 pages

China and Southeast Asia

Historical interactions
ByGeoff Wade, James K. Chin

part 19Part I|66 pages

Trading relations

chapter 2|23 pages

Hainan and its international trade

Ports, merchants, commodities (Song to mid-Ming)
ByRoderich Ptak

chapter 3|41 pages

China in India

Porcelain trade and attitudes to collecting in early Islamic India
ByJohn Guy

part 85Part II|134 pages

Political interactions in the maritime realm and overland

chapter 4|43 pages

Ming China and Southeast Asia in the fifteenth century

ByGeoff Wade

chapter 7|14 pages

King Taksin and China

Siam-Chinese relations during the Thonburi period as seen from Chinese sources
ByJames K. Chin

chapter 8|31 pages

Upland peoples and the 1729 Qing annexation of the Tai polity of Sipsong Panna, Yunnan

Disintegration from the periphery 1
ByChristian Daniels

part 219Part III|60 pages

Chinese commerce in Southeast Asia

chapter 10|23 pages

Chinese traders in the Malay archipelago, 1680–1795

ByM. Radin Fernando

chapter 11|15 pages

Canghai sang tian (沧海桑田)

Chinese communities in the Mekong delta in the eighteenth century
ByLi Tana

part 279Part IV|56 pages

China–Southeast Asian interactions during the age of European imperialism

chapter 12|22 pages

Shifting categorisations of Chinese migrants in Burma in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries 1

Chinese communities in the Mekong delta in the eighteenth century
ByMichael W. Charney

chapter 13|11 pages

Revenue farming and the Chinese economy of colonial Southeast Asia

ByCarl A. Trocki

chapter 14|21 pages

Towards a connected history of Asian Communism

The case of early Sino-Vietnamese revolutionary overlaps
ByChristopher E. Goscha