First published in 1997. This book examines recent and contemporary trends in training teachers in special educational needs. It views initial teacher education and subsequent professional development as part of a continuum in which significant opportunities exist for innovation. It presents a series of chapters in support of this optimistic stance which provide practical examples of effective ways of working, written by authors who have direct experience in the field. For student teachers, tutors, lecturers and school-based mentors in both general subjects and SEN.

chapter One|5 pages


Edited ByJohn Dwyfor Davies, Philip Garner

chapter Two|13 pages

A Context for Teacher Education and Special Educational Needs

Edited ByJohn Dwyfor Davies, Philip Garner

chapter Three|10 pages

Modernist Knowledge and Prejudice: Special Educational Needs

Edited ByDavid Coulby

chapter Four|9 pages

Values, Initial Teacher Education and Special Educational Needs

Edited ByLinda Thomas, Philip Garner

chapter Five|12 pages

The Views of Newly Qualified Teachers Concerning SEN Provision in ITE Courses

Edited ByJohn Dwyfor Davies, Philip Garner

chapter Six|11 pages

Partnership in Initial Teacher Education: Three Case Studies of Special Educational Needs

Edited ByPat Dodds, Alexis Taylor, Lynne Thorogood

chapter Seven|14 pages

From Survival to Reflection: Locating Child Protection in Teacher Education

Edited ByAnne Sinclair Taylor, Philip Garner

chapter Nine|12 pages

Modular Programmes: A Market Response in Troubled Times

Edited BySarah Sandow

chapter Ten|9 pages

A Whole School Modular Programme for Continuous Professional Development

Edited ByDiane Fidler

chapter Twelve|10 pages

A Bermuda Triangle for Training: The Case of Severe Learning Difficulties

Edited ByViv Hinchcliffe

chapter Fourteen|8 pages

Dramatic Liaisons: Collaboration between Special and Mainstream Schools

Edited ByJane Tarr

chapter Fifteen|13 pages

The Role of Local Education Authorities in Continuing Professional Development

Edited ByMorag Bowden