The Craft of Editing offers a rare insight into the unique dynamic between author and editor. In this illuminating book, Adnan Mahmutović and Lucy Durneen lead a cohort of industry experts to bring transparency to the mystique that often surrounds the craft and practice of editing. Using genuine case studies from published works – including annotated manuscripts – this book prepares writers for potential dialogue and critique from editors. The Craft of Editing follows the journey from rough draft to publication, an essential part of any writing experience, while showing the singular and authentic approach each editor takes. Using original pitches, debates, emails, and instant messages to shed light on the collaboration between authors and editors, The Craft of Editing is an indispensable tool to creative writers and students alike.

chapter 1|11 pages

The Craft of Editing

ByAdnan Mahmutović, Lucy Durneen

chapter 2|45 pages

“Final Instructions for My Disposal”

AGNI Magazine
ByVince Passaro, Jennifer Alise Drew

chapter 3|55 pages

“To the Rainforest Room: In Search of Authenticity on Three Continents”

Orion Magazine, May 2011
ByRobin Hemley, Jennifer Sahn

chapter 4|20 pages

“The Expo”

Guernica Magazine, March 15, 2013
BySybil Baker, Autumn Watts

chapter 5|23 pages

“The King of the Ball”

Two Thirds North, 2016
ByFriðrik Sólnes Jónsson, Lucy Durneen, Adnan Mahmutović, Anna Crofts

chapter 6|52 pages

“Everything I know about comic books  ( and what I am afraid to ask.)”

World Literature Today, Spring 2015
ByLucy Durneen, Adnan Mahmutović