Based upon a conference held in May 1993, this book discusses the intersection of neurobiology, cognitive psychology and computational approaches to cognition.

chapter |14 pages

Complex Adaptive Systems

Edited ByMurray Gell-Mann

chapter |20 pages

Near Decomposability and Complexity: How a Mind Resides in a Brain

Edited ByHerbert A. Simon

chapter |6 pages

Can There Be a Unified Theory of Complex Adaptive Systems?

Edited ByJohn H. Holland

chapter |12 pages

Neurobiology of Mental Representation

Edited ByPatricia S. Goldman-Rakic

chapter |36 pages

The Organization of Memory

Edited ByLarry R. Squire, Barbara J. Knowlton

chapter |24 pages

Can Neurobiology Teach Us Anything About Consciousness?

Edited ByPatricia Smith Churchland

chapter |22 pages

The Rediscovery of the Unconscious

Edited ByJohn F. Kihlstrom

chapter |10 pages

Affect and Neuro-Modulation: A Connectionist Approach

Edited ByDavid E. Rumelhart

chapter |20 pages

Thinking Away and Ahead

Edited ByJohn Antrobus

chapter |28 pages

Natural Learning, Natural Teaching: Changing Human Memory

Edited ByRoger C. Schank, John B. Cleave

chapter |18 pages

Does Mind Piggyback on Robotic and Symbolic Capacity?

Edited ByStevan Harnad

chapter |4 pages

Evolution as An Algorithm—The Ultimate Insult?

Edited ByDaniel C. Dennett