Philosophers have turned their attention in recent years to many previously unmined topics, among them love and friendship. In this collection of new essays in philosophical and moral psychology, philosophers turn their analytic tools to a topic perhaps most resistant to reasoned analysis: erotic love. Also included is one previously published paper by Martha Nussbaum.Among the problems discussed are the role that qualities of the beloved play in love, the so-called union theory of love, intentionality and autonomy in love, and traditional issues surrounding jealousy and morality.

chapter 2|25 pages

Love and Rationality

chapter 3|15 pages

The Right Method of Boy-Loving

chapter 4|28 pages

Union, Autonomy, and Concern

chapter 6|15 pages

Love and Autonomy

chapter 7|30 pages

Love and Solipsism

chapter 9|24 pages

Jealousy and Desire

chapter 10|19 pages

Love Undigitized

chapter 11|16 pages

Is Love an Emotion?

chapter |14 pages

Love’s Truths