The sixth edition of this classic text continues its popular interdisciplinary approach to the topic of leadership by examining fundamental elements of military leadership: the 'process' of leadership, the dynamic personal interactions between leader and followers, and the individual and organizational values that foster effective military leadership. Military Leadership provides a thoroughly reconsidered and greatly expanded mix of classic and contemporary articles as well as original essays, with authors representing all of the services. Incisive introductory essays to each section highlight themes and connections. Eric B. Rosenbach joins the editorial team for this edition, helping infuse the text with fresh perspectives. The essays of the sixth edition confront the kudos and criticisms that surround military leadership today, offer international viewpoints, and relate military leadership to contemporary leadership theory and approaches.

part I|106 pages


chapter 1|18 pages


ByBrigadier General Lincoln C. Andrews

chapter 2|13 pages

Leaders and Leadership

ByGeneral S. L. A. Marshall

chapter 3|14 pages

What Makes a Leader?

ByDaniel Goleman

chapter 4|18 pages

Leadership as an Art

ByJames L. Stokesbury

chapter 5|13 pages

Reality Leadership

ByJohn Charles Kunich, Richard I. Lester

chapter 6|11 pages

Followers as Partners

Ready When the Time Comes
ByEarl H. Potter, William E. Rosenbach

chapter 7|10 pages

Leaders, Managers, and Command Climate

ByWalter F. Ulmer

part II|33 pages


chapter 8|3 pages

Leadership Candor

ByJack Uldrich

chapter 9|2 pages

The Potency of Persuasion

ByGeneral Wesley Clark

chapter 10|3 pages

When Leadership Collides with Loyalty

ByJames M. Kouzes

chapter 11|12 pages

Leading Warriors in the Long War

BySarah Sewall

chapter 12|2 pages

Command Presence

ByBrian Friel

chapter 13|5 pages

A Soldier in the Battle to Lead Through Influence

ByCraig Chappelow

part III|76 pages

General Officers

chapter 14|6 pages


The Diseases and Their Cure
ByJ. F. C. Fuller

chapter 15|17 pages


Qualities, Instincts, and Character
ByMontgomery C. Meigs

chapter 16|12 pages

Breaking Through “Brass” Ceilings

Female Military Leaders
ByPaula D. Broadwell

chapter 17|12 pages

A Failure in Generalship

ByPaul Yingling

chapter 18|12 pages

Challenging the Generals

ByFred Kaplan

chapter 19|11 pages

Bush and the Generals

ByMichael C. Desch

part IV|90 pages

The Future of Military Leadership

chapter 20|10 pages

How the West Was Won

Strategic Leadership in Tal Afar
ByEric B. Rosenbach, John Tien

chapter 21|12 pages

Improving Strategic Leadership

ByMichael Flowers

chapter 22|8 pages

The Gettysburg Leadership Experience

Learning, Leading, and Following
ByLawrence P. Taylor, William E. Rosenbach

chapter 23|3 pages

The Sergeant Solution

ByRobert H. Scales

chapter 24|8 pages

Leadership in the “City of Exiles”

ByKevin Ryan

chapter 25|19 pages

Generational Change

Implications for the Development of Future Military Leaders
ByCommandant Paul Whelan

chapter 26|21 pages

Leading in the Army After Next

ByBernard M.Bass