This book, offering a historical-sociological account of right-wing extremist movements in American history, seeks to identify threats to freedom and security, assess the responses to such threats, and suggest some means of dealing with the potential dangers.

chapter 1|11 pages


ByAurel Braun

chapter 2|24 pages

Right-Wing Extremism: In Search of a Definition

ByMichi Ebata

chapter 3|19 pages

Canada: Right-Wing Extremism in the Peaceable Kingdom

ByStephen Scheinberg

chapter 4|29 pages

Right-Wing Extremism in the United States

ByStephen Scheinberg

chapter 5|23 pages

The Extreme Right in the United Kingdom and France

ByDavid Matas

chapter 6|31 pages

Contemporary Right-Wing Extremism in Germany

ByIan J. Kagedan

chapter 8|24 pages

Russia: The Land Inbetween

ByAurel Braun

chapter 9|16 pages

Poland: The Vanguard of Change

ByAurel Braun

chapter 10|19 pages

Hungary: From “Goulash Communism” to Pluralistic Democracy

ByAurel Braun

chapter 11|30 pages

The Internationalization of the Extreme Right

ByMichi Ebata

chapter 12|8 pages


ByStephen Scheinberg