Feminist scholars have been remaking the landscape in political theory, and in this important book some of the most important feminist political theorists provide reconstructions of those concepts most central to the tradition of political philosophy. The goal is nothing less than the construction of a blueprint for a positive feminist theory.Many of these papers are completely new; others are extensions of important earlier work; two are reprints of classic papers. The result is a progress report on the continuing feminist project to re-envision traditional political theory. As such, it constitutes essential reading not only for feminist thinkers but also for traditional philosophers and political theorists, who will need to come to terms with these contemporary critiques and re-readings.

chapter 1|25 pages


Revision, Reconstruction, and the Challenge of the New
ByNancy J. Hirschmann, Christine Di Stefano

chapter 2|23 pages


Rethinking Power
ByNancy C.M. Hartsock

chapter 3|24 pages

Revisioning Freedom

Relationship, Context, and the Politics of Empowerment
ByNancy J. Hirschmann

chapter 4|19 pages

What Is Authority’s Gender?

ByKathleen B. Jones

chapter 5|22 pages

Autonomy in the Light of Difference

ByChristine Di Stefano

chapter 6|22 pages

Reconstructing Democracy

ByJane Mansbridge

chapter 7|18 pages

Care as a Political Concept

ByJoan C. Tronto

chapter 8|24 pages

Rethinking Obligation for Feminism

ByNancy J. Hirschmann

chapter 9|12 pages

Equalizing Privacy and Specifying Equality

ByZillah Eisenstein

chapter 10|19 pages

Privacy at Home

The Twofold Problem
ByAnita L. Allen

chapter 11|21 pages

Privacy, Publicity, and Power

A Feminist Rethinking of the Public-Private Distinction
ByMartha A. Ackelsberg, Mary Lyndon Shanley

chapter 12|16 pages

All the Comforts of Home

The Genealogy of Community
ByShane Phelan

chapter 13|20 pages

Reflections on Families in the Age of Murphy Brown

On Gender, Justice, and Sexuality
ByIris Marion Young