"This comprehensive overview, presenting the views of eminent scholars and practitioners, explores in useful detail the new Latin America's changing relationships with the United States, Europe, Japan, and other regions. It is excellent and most timely".--Enrique V. Iglesias, President, Inter-American Development Bank. Lightning Print On Demand Title

chapter |9 pages


ByAbraham F. Lowenthal, Gregory F. Treverton

part One|68 pages

Assessing the Impact of Global Change

chapter 1|15 pages

The United States, Latin America, and the World After the Cold War

ByRichard H. Ullman

chapter 2|25 pages

Latin America and the End of the Cold War: An Essay in Frustration

ByJorge G. Castañeda

chapter 3|12 pages

A View from the Southern Cone

ByHelio Juguaribe

chapter 4|14 pages

Latin America and the United States in a Changing World Economy

ByAlbert Fishlow

part Two|85 pages

The Prospect for New Partners

chapter 5|24 pages

Europe and Latin America in the 1990s

ByAlberto van Klaveren

chapter 6|21 pages

Russia and Latin America in the 1990s

BySergo A. Mikoyan

chapter 7|24 pages

Japan and Latin America: New Patterns in the 1990s

ByBarbara Stallings, Kotaro Horisaka

chapter 8|14 pages

China and Latin America After the Cold War’s End

ByFeng Xu

part Three|82 pages

Framing Policy Responses

chapter 9|24 pages

Regionalism in the Americas

ByAndrew Hurrell

chapter 10|12 pages

A New OAS for the New Times

ByHeraldo Muñoz

chapter 11|14 pages

Cuba in a New World

ByJorge I. Domínguez

chapter 12|20 pages

Confronting a New World: Latin American Policy Responses

Edited ByAbraham F. Lowenthal, Gregory F. Treverton

chapter 13|10 pages

Latin America and the United States in a New World: Prospects for Partnership

ByAbraham F. Lowenthal