This book demonstrates the discussions of leading feminist thinkers on the concept of self and personal identity. It addresses issues in moral social psychology. The book is useful for students of feminist theory, ethics, and social and political philosophy.

chapter |11 pages


ByDiana Tietjens Meyers

chapter |28 pages

One Outliving Oneself Trauma, Memory, and Personal Identity

BySusan J. Brison

chapter |23 pages

three Picking Up Pieces Lives, Stories, and Integrity

ByMargaret Urban Walker

chapter |19 pages

four Ownership and the Body

ByJennifer Church

chapter |20 pages

five Forgetting Yourself

ByAnita L. Allen

chapter |14 pages

seven Good Grief, It’s Plato!

ByElizabeth V. Spelman

chapter |20 pages

eight Sympathy and Solidarity On a Tightrope with Scheler

BySandra Lee Bartky

chapter |48 pages

ten Human Dependency and Rawlsian Equality

ByEva Feder Kittay