The new international division of labor and the imposition of structural adjustment on Third World countries has necessitated a reexamination of development policies and a reevaluation of the role of gender in their success or failure. Although women often bear the heaviest burden under structural adjustment, there is also considerable evidence of women being empowered through their responses to the challenges of economic restructuring. Based on case study material from Eastern Europe, the Islamic nations, Africa, China, and Latin America, this volume explores the significant contributions women make to the wealth and well-being of their families and nations. The contributors argue persuasively that women may hold the key to sustainable development, an increasingly critical issue at a time when policymakers are reconsidering the full costs and benefits of a growth-fixated development model. One of the first to embody the new “gender and development” paradigm, this book reports on research at the frontiers of knowledge and theory about the gendered outcomes of economic transformation, restructuring, and social change. By incorporating “voices from the South,” it makes a provocative addition to our understanding of the political economy of development and of the relationship between world ecology and the world economy.

part One|48 pages

An Overview of Gender and Economic Transformation

chapter Two|21 pages

Gender Dynamics of Restructuring in the Semiperiphery

ByValentine M. Moghadam

part Two|90 pages

Engendering Wealth, Engendering Survival

part Three|58 pages

Engendering Well-Being

chapter Ten|16 pages

Gender Relations in Urban Middle-Class and Working-Class Households in Mexico

ByBrígida García, Orlandina de Oliveira

part Four|84 pages

Paths to Power and Policy

chapter Eleven|25 pages

Gender, Environment, and Empowerment in Venezuela

ByMaría Pilar García-Guadilla

chapter Twelve|21 pages

Gender and Environments: Lessons from WEDNET

ByBonnie Kettel

chapter Thirteen|23 pages

Beyond Economics: Sheltering the Whole Woman

ByIrene Tinker

chapter Fourteen|10 pages

Conclusion: Engendering Wealth and Well-Being — Lessons Learned

ByCathy A. Rakowski