This book focuses on public policy issues in Caribbean, evaluating current policy and suggests realistic improvements and alternatives. It also focuses on following themes: economic policy, the regional business environment, regionalism and integration, health care, labor and migration and gender.

chapter 1|12 pages

Introduction: Caribbean Public Policy Issues in the 1990s

ByJacqueline Anne Braveboy-Wagner

part ONE|57 pages

Global, Hemispheric, and Regional Trends: Impact on Caribbean Public Policy

chapter 2|11 pages

Global and Regional Trends: Impact on Caribbean Development

ByDenis Benn

chapter 5|12 pages

Regional Trends: The Role of the "Group of Three"

ByAndrés Serbín

chapter 6|8 pages

Regional Trends: Cuba-Caribbean Community Relations

ByDamián Fernández, Olga Nazarío

chapter 7|7 pages

Regional Trends: Cooperation and Integration— In Search of Viability

ByRoderick Rainford

part TWO|59 pages

The Caribbean Public Policy Agenda: Challenges in Culture, Education, and Training

chapter 8|17 pages

Caribbean Culture: Paradoxes of the 1990s

ByRex Nettleford

chapter 10|8 pages

Caribbean Culture: Ethnic Identity Issues— The Case of Suriname

ByRosemarijn van Hoefte

chapter 11|9 pages

Toward a New Caribbean Manager: Caribbean Management Education and Training

ByDennis J. Gayle, Bhoendradatt Tewarie

chapter 12|6 pages

Environmental Education: Training for Coastal Management

ByLaVerne E. Ragster

chapter 13|7 pages

Training for Health: The Management of HIV/AIDS

ByCora L.E. Christian

part THREE|107 pages

The Caribbean Public Policy Agenda: Human Development Issues

chapter 14|12 pages

Drugs and Crime: Policy Perspectives

ByIvelaw L. Griffith

chapter 16|8 pages

Caribbean Labor at Issue: Labor Migrations and ILO Standards

ByMario Trajtenberg

chapter 17|8 pages

Caribbean Migrations in the 1990s: Some Policy Implications

ByMonica H. Gordon

chapter 20|16 pages

Environmental Policy: Changing Patterns of Coastal Eco-Development

ByAlfredo César Dachary, Stella Maris Arnaíz Burne, J. Braveboy-Wagner

chapter 21|5 pages

In Conclusion

ByDennis J. Gayle, Jacqueline Anne Braveboy-Wagner

chapter Appendix 1|6 pages

A Policy Vision for the Region

ByPatrick A. M. Manning

chapter Appendix 2|3 pages

The Future of CARICOM

ByEdwin Carrington

chapter Appendix 3|5 pages

Sustainable Development of Small Island States (U.N.)

Edited ByJacqueline Anne Braveboy-Wagner, Dennis J. Gayle