Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) dominate the market in terms of sheer number of organisations; yet, scholarly resource materials to assist in honing skills and competencies have not kept pace. This well renowned textbook guides students through the complexities of entrepreneurship from the unique perspective of marketing in SME contexts, providing a clear grounding in the principles, practices, strategies, challenges, and opportunities faced by businesses today.

SMEs now need to step up to the terrain of mobile marketing and consumer-generated marketing and utilise social media marketing tools. Similarly, the activities of various stakeholders in SME businesses like start-up accelerators, business incubators, and crowdfunding have now gained more prominence in SME activities. This second edition advances grounds covered in the earlier edition and has been fully updated to reflect this new, dynamic business landscape. Updates include:

  • A consideration of social media imperatives on SME marketing;
  • Discussion of forms of capital formation and deployment for marketing effectiveness, including crowdfunding;
  • Updated international case studies drawn from diverse backgrounds;
  • Hands-on practical explorations based on real-life tasks to encourage deeper understanding.

This book is perfect for students studying SMEs, Marketing and Enterprise at both advanced undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as professionals looking to obtain the required knowledge to operate their businesses in this increasingly complex and turbulent marketing environment.

chapter Chapter 1|12 pages

Marketing in small and medium-sized enterprises

An introduction

chapter Chapter 2|18 pages

Small and medium enterprises marketing

Innovation and sustainable economic growth perspective

chapter Chapter 5|25 pages

Buyer behaviour in the 21st century

Implications for SME marketing

chapter Chapter 6|15 pages

Revisiting entrepreneurship marketing research

Towards a framework for SMEs in developing countries

chapter Chapter 7|19 pages

Managing products and customer value

Implications for SME marketing

chapter Chapter 8|16 pages

Choosing the right pricing strategy

chapter Chapter 9|15 pages

The reality of distribution faced by SMEs

A perspective from the UK

chapter Chapter 11|15 pages

Internet marketing

chapter Chapter 12|13 pages

Retailing and SME marketing

chapter Chapter 15|18 pages

Internal marketing and service excellence in SMEs

chapter Chapter 16|13 pages

Crowdfunding of SMEs

chapter Chapter 19|24 pages

Cross cultural marketing strategies

For small and medium-sized firms

chapter Chapter 20|13 pages

Marketing planning in small businesses

chapter Chapter 21|22 pages

Contemporary issues in entrepreneurship marketing

Sustainability, ethics, and social responsibility

chapter Chapter 22|16 pages

The future of SME marketing and operations

Critical change drivers

chapter Chapter 23|12 pages

Religion and the SME

chapter Chapter 24|13 pages

SMEs and market growth

Contemporary reflections on why and how they grow

chapter Chapter 26|17 pages

Marketing in the informal economy

An entrepreneurial perspective and research agenda