The New Black Sociologists follows in the footsteps of 1974’s pioneering text Black Sociologists: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, by tracing the organization of its forbearer in key thematic ways. This new collection of essays revisit the legacies of significant Black scholars including James E. Blackwell, William Julius Wilson, Joyce Ladner, and Mary Pattillo, but also extends coverage to include overlooked figures like Audre Lorde, Ida B. Wells, James Baldwin and August Wilson - whose lives and work have inspired new generations of Black sociologists on contemporary issues of racial segregation, feminism, religiosity, class, inequality and urban studies.

part I|85 pages

Hidden Figures

chapter 1|16 pages

#SayHerName: Why Black Women Matter in Sociology

ByHedwig Lee, Christina Hughes

chapter 2|12 pages

Rewriting Wright: A Note on Perspective in Method and Writing

ByB. Brian Foster

chapter 3|12 pages

James Baldwin and the Lay Race Theorist Tradition

ByAntonia Randolph

chapter 4|7 pages

Black versus European

Frantz Fanon and the Over-Determination of Blackness
ByJean Beaman

chapter 5|6 pages

The Sociology of Stuart Hall 1

ByMarcus Anthony Hunter

chapter 6|7 pages

The Cigar Annies of August Wilson

Ethnographically Unmasking Black Women’s Invisibility
ByRashida Z. Shaw McMahon

chapter 7|7 pages

Zora Neale Hurston and Ethnography of Black Life

ByAshantè Reese

chapter 8|17 pages

Poking and Prying with a Purpose

Zora Neale Hurston and Black Feminist Sociology
ByTennille Nicole Allen

part II|60 pages

Behind the Veil

chapter 9|14 pages

When and Where I Always Enter

An Auto-Ethnographic Approach to Black Women’s Body Size Politics in Academia
ByCourtney Patterson-Faye

chapter 10|12 pages

School Daze

Patricia Hill Collins, a College Classroom, and a New Sociology of Race
ByAdia Harvey Wingfield

chapter 12|11 pages

A Love Letter to Black Graduate Students

ByKarida L. Brown

chapter 13|15 pages

No Fucks to Give

Dismantling the Respectability Politics of White Supremacist Sociology
ByCrystal Marie Fleming

part III|91 pages

Black on Both Sides

chapter 14|16 pages

For, By and About

Notes on a Sociology of Black Liberation
ByNina A. Johnson

chapter 15|10 pages

The Evolution of #BlackLivesMatter

ByRashawn Ray, Keon Gilbert

chapter 16|10 pages

William Julius Wilson and the Study of the ‘New’ Diversity Elite Colleges

ByAnthony Abraham Jack

chapter 18|10 pages

Why Research on the Global Black Middle Class is Essential 1

ByKris Marsh

chapter 19|9 pages

On Second Sight, Surveillance and the Black Planet

Notes on a New Framework
ByDebanjan Roychoudhury

chapter 20|18 pages

The New Black Sociology

Bringing Diasporic & Internationalist Perspectives
ByOrly Clerge