Curating Under Pressure breaks the silence surrounding curatorial self-censorship and shows that it is both endemic to the practice and ubiquitous. Contributors map the diverse forms such self-censorship takes and offer creative strategies for negotiating curatorial integrity.

This is the first book to look at pressures to self-censor and the curatorial responses to these pressures from a wide range of international perspectives. The book offers examples of the many creative strategies that curators deploy to negotiate pressures to self-censor and gives evidence of curators’ political acumen, ethical sagacity and resilience over the long term. It also challenges the assumption that self-censorship is something to be avoided at all costs and suggests that a decision to self-censor may sometimes be politically and ethically imperative. Curating Under Pressure serves as a corrective to the assumption that censorship pressures render practitioners impotent. It demonstrates that curatorial practice under pressure offers inspiring models of agency, ingenuity and empowerment.

Curating Under Pressure is a highly original and intellectually ambitious volume and as such will be of great interest to students and academics in the areas of museum studies, curatorial and gallery studies, art history, studio art and arts administration. The book will also be an essential tool for museum practitioners.

part Part 1|115 pages

Understanding self-censorship

chapter 1|33 pages

Rethinking the curator’s Remit

ByJanet Marstine

chapter 2|15 pages

Much ado about nothing

Policing of controversial art in the UK
ByJulia Farrington

chapter 3|21 pages

Curating contemporary global art in Doha, Qatar

Anticipated “conversations,” undesirable controversies and state self-censorship
BySerena Iervolino

chapter 4|13 pages

No names, no titles, no further explanations

ByNoam Segal

chapter 5|15 pages

Lady disrupted

Self-censorship and the processes of feminist curating in South Africa
ByCandice Allison

chapter 6|16 pages

Bishan project

Efforts to build a utopian community under authoritarian rule
ByOu Ning, Li Bing, Lu Sipei

part Part 2|112 pages

Negotiating self-censorship

chapter 7|9 pages

Navigating censorship

A case from Palestine
ByJack Persekian

chapter 8|17 pages

Truth or dare?

Curatorial practice and artistic freedom of expression in Turkey
ByÖzge Ersoy

chapter 9|10 pages

The complexity of taking curatorial risks

Case studies from East Asia
ByOscar Ho Hing Kay

chapter 11|12 pages

Experimental curatorship in Russia

Beyond contemporary art institutions
ByNadia Plungian

chapter 12|13 pages

From Carbon Sink to WASTE LAND

A case study in navigating controversy
BySusan Moldenhauer

chapter 13|16 pages

The bigger picture

Rethinking curatorial approaches to photographs of childhood
ByCeciel Brouwer

chapter 14|18 pages

Smart tactics

Toward an adaptive curatorial practice
BySvetlana Mintcheva