This book covers in one handy volume all the major topics associated with ship operations. Carefully, co-ordinated to ensure breadth, relevance and lack of overlap, the topics covered are addressed by authors are the very top of their profession, whether in legal practice or academia, and are presented in a manner which is topical and clear. Part I offers a detailed and critical analysis of issues of contemporary importance concerning new liability regimes and developments. Part 2 discusses how parties, in particular ship operators, attempt in contemporary practice to allocate their risks concerning ship operations. Part 3 evaluates the legal position of those involved in more ‘back office’ operations. The book provides an invaluable guide to recent legal and practical developments and offers a comprehensive, well-informed and thoroughly practical guide on what is a very complex and developing area of law. It will therefore be of great use to legal practitioners and administrators of ship operations worldwide, as well as students in this area and academics associated with maritime law generally.

part I|174 pages

New Risks and Liabilities Affecting Ship Operations

chapter Chapter 1|22 pages

The role of insurance in sanctions regimes

chapter Chapter 2|25 pages

Criminal liability of seafarers and ship operators

A regulatory perspective on developments in environmental law

chapter Chapter 3|18 pages

The regulation of electromagnetic fields and safety of navigation

“On-board safety in the radar”

chapter Chapter 4|15 pages

Cyber-risk in shipping and its management

chapter Chapter 6|12 pages


In the context of cyber-risks or “cyberworthiness”

chapter Chapter 8|8 pages

Arresting ships

The need for change 1

chapter Chapter 10|9 pages

Actions in rem, arrest and insolvency

chapter Chapter 11|16 pages

When things fall apart

Who carries the can when a bunker supplier fails?

part II|63 pages

Contractual Arrangements to Deal with Operational Issues Emerging

chapter Chapter 12|16 pages


Transforming a standard charter for the modern world

chapter Chapter 13|13 pages

Only following orders

Time charters, compliant fuel and the owners’ indemnity