The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is dominated by major Western brands. The dominance of such major brands extends to burgeoning Asian markets. These conglomerates often rely on packaging as a strategic tool to entice Asian consumers. This book illustrates how packaging as a marketing tool is more than simply changing the label or translating the brand into vernacular language. It examines how different packaging elements (e.g. information, imagery, packaging type) can help to communicate product values to Asian consumers.

Drawing upon rich knowledge of the Asian CPG markets with extensive findings from fieldworks in the key Asian markets, this book explains how Western brands are localising their packaging design in Asian markets. It provides invaluable insight into how major Western CPG brands have relied heavily on their packaging strategies to compete not only against domestic brands but also against other foreign brands.

The book includes in-depth interviews with brand managers of several major Western CPG brands and retailers, and sheds light on emerging trends of CPG packaging in Asia.

part I|49 pages

Packaging Design and Localisation Strategy

chapter 5|18 pages

Packaging Localisation

A Case Study of Supermarkets in China

part II|60 pages

Effects of Packaging Localisation in Asian Markets

chapter |3 pages