This book, first published in 1991, is an invaluable guide to biographies of scientists from a wide variety of scientific fields. The books selected for this highly descriptive bibliography help librarians shatter readers’ stereotypes of scientists as monomaniacal and uninteresting people by providing interesting and provocative titles to capture the interest of students and other readers. The biographies included in this very special bibliography were carefully selected for their humour and human insights to give future scientists encouragement, inspiration, and an understanding of the origins of particular scientific fields. These biographies are unique in that they explore the whole personality of the scientist, giving students a glimpse at the variety and drama of the lives beyond well-known contributions or Nobel prize accomplishments.

chapter |8 pages


ByTony Stankus

chapter |34 pages

Mathematical Biographies: Profiles and Sources of Information on Eighteen Mathematicians

ByVirgil Diodato, Michael Tolan

chapter |24 pages

Biographies of Physicists: An Annotated Bibliography

ByDonna E. Cromer

chapter |10 pages

Lives of Chemists

ByGayle Baker, Marie Garrett

chapter |12 pages

Biography in the Geological Sciences

ByFlossie E. Wise

chapter |15 pages

A Selection of Biographies of Animal Scientists

ByFlora Cobb

chapter |19 pages

Plant Breeders and Plant Geneticists: Biographical Information

ByDena Rae Thomas

part |1 pages

Sci-Tech Collections

chapter |36 pages

Spectra: A Bibliography of Sources

ByGladys Odegaard, Julie M. Hurd

part |13 pages

New Reference Works in Science and Technology

part |7 pages

Sci-Tech Online