Drawing on recent work in sport studies, business and management, health, science, and law, this book offers a critical examination of the latest published research on sport and environmental sustainability. It examines how strategic management, policy and education influence the relationship between sport and the natural environment, and how the transmission and advancement of knowledge via research journals can, and should, have an impact on policy and practice.


Covering sport at all levels, from professional to non-profit, and across all sectors of sport management, from marketing and events to facilities and communications, Sport and Environmental Sustainability makes a powerful argument for an awareness of, and need for, environmental sustainability in sport. Chapters outline the research and methods used, expose gaps in the literature and encourage opportunities for future inter-disciplinary research. Topics include sport and climate change, sport and safeguarding air and water quality, education for sustainability, and sport policy.


This is an invaluable resource for researchers in sport and environmental sustainability, and academics working in sport management, business, recreation and leisure studies, and sustainability programs, as well as sport policymakers and industry practitioners.

chapter |13 pages

Introduction to research on sport and environmental sustainability

ByGreg Dingle, Cheryl Mallen

part Part I|89 pages

Impacts of sport on the natural environment

chapter 2|15 pages

Sport and safeguarding air quality

ByJonathan Casper

chapter 3|15 pages

Sport and the safeguarding of water resources

ByCheryl Mallen, Gord Watkin

chapter 4|39 pages

Major sport events and environmental sustainability

ByJulie Stevens

chapter 5|18 pages

Major sport facilities and environmental sustainability

BySheila Nguyen, Cheryl Mallen

part Part II|57 pages

Impacts of the natural environment on sport

chapter 6|19 pages

Environmental impacts on sport

Vulnerability, risk, resilience, and adaptation
ByGreg Dingle

chapter 7|14 pages

Summer sport and climate change

ByPaul Jurbala, Cheryl Mallen

chapter 8|22 pages

Winter sports and climate change

ByNatalie Knowles, Daniel Scott, Robert Steiger

part Part III|105 pages

Strategic management, policy and education for the sport-environment relationship

chapter 9|18 pages

Sport and environmental policy

ByEfthalia (Elia) Chatzigianni

chapter 10|18 pages

Sport environmental measurement tools, certification, and reporting

ByCheryl Mallen

chapter 11|20 pages

Sport environmental awareness, perceptions, behaviour, motivations, and promotions

ByScott McRoberts, Tristian Reid

chapter 12|22 pages

Sport partnerships, relationships, and marketing for environmental sustainability

ByScott McRoberts, Tristian Reid

chapter 13|18 pages

Sport and education for environmental sustainability

ByGreg Dingle, Cheryl Mallen

chapter 14|7 pages


Envision the future in sport environmental sustainability (sport-ES)
ByCheryl Mallen, Greg Dingle