Dr. H. James Harrington and Frank Voehl have gathered together the thoughts and ideas of more than 20 of the most creative innovation thought leaders from business, professional practice, and academia in this compelling book. The thought leaders look at innovation from almost every angle – their statements offer an unparalleled view of innovation and provide a depth of insight that is extraordinary.

Harrington and Voehl’s reflection on each chapter, and on the sections within the book, provides useful links between themes and reinforces the relationships between many of the ideas. Anyone interested in innovation (practitioner or researcher) will benefit from this global thought collection.

The contributors' multiple perspectives, models, practical examples, and stories provide a sense of innovation that no single writer could ever capture. A company’s future growth will only come through successful innovation.

This book is organized around Dr. Harrington's innovation pyramid, which consists of the 16 building blocks required to bring about significant improvements in an organization’s ability to deliver creative products. It highlights the principles and recommendations in ISO's new innovation standard 56002 and provides many new concepts that are not included in the standard. It includes a free, powerful, and valuable online customized innovation maturity analysis.

Following three unassailable facts will strike you as soon as you read this book:

1. Innovation is the new mantra; whether you're involved in a not-for-profit, for-profit, service sector, or governmental organization.

2. Understanding that innovation and creative activities penetrate into every part of an organization requiring multiple perspectives that drive a new way of thinking and working that impacts the organization's culture, social operations, and commercial context that impacts the total organization, and not just new products or services.

3. Innovation is an exciting adventure. Total Innovative Management Excellence (TIME): The Future of Innovation (978-0-367-43242-3, 340635) draws on insights from around the globe in order to be competitive in fast-moving technologies.

chapter |44 pages

Introduction to Total Innovation Management Excellence

ByH. James Harrington

chapter BB1|19 pages

Value-Added to Stakeholders:The Foundation

ByH. James Harrington

chapter BB2|30 pages

Innovative Organizational Assessment

ByLaszlo Gyorffy, H. James Harrington

chapter BB3|26 pages

Innovative Executive Leadership

ByDana Landry

chapter BB4|25 pages

Performance and Cultural Change Management Plans

ByBilly Arcement

chapter BB5|11 pages

Commitment to Stakeholders’ Expectations

ByBill Copeland

chapter BB6|16 pages

Innovative Project Management Systems

ByWilliam S. Ruggles

chapter BB7|18 pages

Innovative Management Participation

ByChuck Mignosa, H. James Harrington

chapter BB8|53 pages

Innovative Team Building

ByH. James Harrington

chapter BB9|31 pages

Individual Creativity, Innovation, and Excellence

ByFrank Voehl

chapter BB10|22 pages

Innovative Supply Chain Management

ByDoug Nelson

chapter BB11|33 pages

Innovative Design

ByDoug Nelson

chapter BB12|18 pages

Innovative Robotics/Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Innovation

BySid Ahmed Benraouane

chapter BB13|46 pages

Knowledge Assets Management

ByMitchell W. Manning, Mitchell W. Manning

chapter BB14|70 pages

Comprehensive Measurement Systems

BySorin Cohn, Ricardo R. Fernandez

chapter BB15|19 pages

Innovative Organizational Structure

ByJane Keathley