This collection breaks new ground by investigating applications of degrowth in a range of geographic, practical and theoretical contexts along the food chain. Degrowth challenges growth and advocates for everyday practices that limit socio-metabolic energy and material flows within planetary constraints. As such, the editors intend to map possibilities for food for degrowth to become established as a field of study.

International contributors offer a range of examples and possibilities to develop more sustainable, localised, resilient and healthy food systems using degrowth principles of sufficiency, frugal abundance, security, autonomy and conviviality. Chapters are clustered in parts that critically examine food for degrowth in spheres of the household, collectives, networks, and narratives of broader activism and discourses. Themes include broadening and deepening concepts of care in food provisioning and social contexts; critically applying appropriate technologies; appreciating and integrating indigenous perspectives; challenging notions of 'waste', 'circular economies' and commodification; and addressing the ever-present impacts of market logic framed by growth.

This book will be of greatest interest to students and scholars of critical food studies, sustainability studies, urban political ecology, geography, environmental studies such as environmental sociology, anthropology, ethnography, ecological economics and urban design and planning.


chapter 1|16 pages

Food for degrowth

part 1|58 pages

Frugal abundance

chapter 2|14 pages

Replacing growth with belonging economies

A neopeasant response

chapter 3|12 pages

Quietly degrowing

Food self-provisioning in Central Europe

chapter 5|16 pages

Caring dachas

Food self-provisioning in Eastern Europe through the lens of care

part 2|38 pages

Degrowth collectives

part 3|44 pages

Degrowth networks

chapter 9|13 pages

Co-creation for transformation

Food for degrowth in Budapest Food City Lab initiatives

chapter 10|13 pages

Technology for degrowth

Implementing digital platforms for community supported agriculture

chapter 11|16 pages

Institutionalising degrowth

Exploring multilevel food governance

part 4|70 pages

Narratives: Degrowth contexts and futures