This book offers a comparative analysis of the rise of India and China and their decisive economic and social roles in a global context. It presents a cumulative picture of the socio-economic challenges as well as the opportunities for growth and inclusive development before India and China.

The volume analyses the performance of the two countries based on economic and human development indicators. It highlights the key achievements of the two countries in governance and financial growth, and the potential for further economic development. Drawing on government data and empirical research, the book examines India and China’s relative growth in trade, investments, renewable energy technologies, urbanisation, and employment and their policies on agriculture, land use, public health, and rural-urban inequality. Further, it discusses the shared challenges of inequality, poverty, gender disparity, and environment degradation which both countries face and contrasts their policy priorities and governance mechanisms.

Comprehensive and insightful, this book will be of great interest for researchers and scholars of development studies, economics, international relations, comparative politics, sociology, public policy, and Asian studies. It will also be useful for think tanks, policy makers, and general readers interested in the India–China relationship.

chapter 2|15 pages

Economic growth and social development performance of China and India

Drivers and directions

part I|44 pages

Trade and economic development in India and China

part II|184 pages

Urban and fiscal governance in India and China

chapter 5|28 pages

Urbanization in China and India

Socioeconomic issues, impact and prospects

chapter 7|24 pages

Access to toilets among the urban poor

Drawing comparisons between India 1 and China cities

chapter 9|20 pages

Problems and prospects of internal migration

With reference to India and China

chapter 10|21 pages

Urban commuters in cities of India and China

Commuting time, modes and distance

chapter 11|21 pages

Fiscal decentralization in India and China

Experiences in service delivery

chapter 12|24 pages

Municipal finances and decentralized government

Lessons from India and China

part III|53 pages

Environment in India and China