This book offers new perspectives on game-based coaching (GBC), one of the most important practices for session design and instructional delivery in sport coaching.

GBC emphasises the sport coach as educator and the development of ‘thinking players’, and this book demonstrates what that means in practice. It brings together leading and innovative thinkers and practitioners in coaching pedagogy, and aims to stimulate reflection by the reader on their own coaching practice. Reviewing recent theoretical developments and current research in GBC, the book provides in-depth examples on how research can be applied in practice, including the use of digital video games, immersive scenario-based coaching narratives, and the Game Sense approach as ‘play with purpose’.

Representing the most up-to-date and engaging introduction to the theory and practice of GBC, this book is invaluable reading for all students of physical education and sport coaching, as well as practising coaches and coach educators.

chapter 3|12 pages

Developing Thinking Players

chapter 4|10 pages

‘Because we’re here lad, and nobody else. Just us.’ 1

An existential–phenomenological perspective on game-based approaches

chapter 6|10 pages

Skilfulness on country

Informal games and sports exposure

chapter 7|10 pages

Sport in physical education

Evidencing learning from employing a game-based approach in badminton

chapter 8|9 pages

Learning to be a game-changer

chapter 10|12 pages

Exploring pedagogical tensions

Providing practical examples for tennis coaches to navigate a shift to game-based coaching