This book offers a variety of effective, concrete ways to better assimilate arts therapies in the educational system.

Featuring leading art therapists and the models they have honed as a result of their arts experience in education, Integrating Arts Therapies into Education discusses systemic issues and challenges related to work in the education system such as confidentiality, multidisciplinary teamwork with educators and contact with parents. Divided into two parts, the first discusses systemic issues related to work in the education system, and the second presents a series of dedicated models that can be implemented in the education system. Each chapter consists of a theoretical background, a description of the working model, a clinical example or case study and a summary.

Creative arts and expressive therapy practitioners will find this guide filled with the most effective ways to approach and deliver arts therapies in a school setting.

part I|88 pages

Systemic Aspects of Work in the Education System

chapter 1|10 pages

The Collaborative Arts Therapist-Teacher Model

Theory and Practice
ByAnat Ayalon

chapter 2|16 pages

Working with Parents within the Education System

ByIrit Belity

chapter 3|18 pages

Maintaining Therapeutic Confidentiality in the School System

ByNava Frieman

chapter 4|17 pages

The Integration of the Arts Therapies in the Work of a Multidisciplinary Team in a Hospital School Setting

ByMichal Ulitzur-Zemel, Yael Kalfus, Tal Mann, Haggai Yoel

chapter 5|25 pages

“We Have Created You Peoples and Tribes That You May Know One Another” (Surat Al Hujurat, Quran)

Multicultural Aspects of Arts Therapies in the Educational System
ByYael Bruno, Zakiah Massarwa

part II|138 pages

Specific Working Models in the Education System

chapter 6|20 pages

Parent-child Art Psychotherapy in the Education System

ByDafna Regev, Rona Tamir

chapter 7|17 pages

The “Open Studio” Model in Educational Frameworks

ByAnat Heller

chapter 8|19 pages

A Dialectic Model for Art Therapy with Students Who Behave Aggressively

ByEdna Nissimov-Nahum

chapter 9|20 pages

ECRAB (An Emotional, Cognitive, Rehabilitative and Behavioral Model)

Group-class Arts Therapy in a Special Education School
ByMickey Ofer-Yarom, Deborah Court, Adina Shamir

chapter 10|19 pages

Dialogue through the Exhibition of Artworks

ByAnat Liban

chapter 11|20 pages


A Community-based Therapeutic Approach in Educational Environments
ByEfrat Roginsky, Tamar Sade-Dor, Osnat Dvir, Yael Halahmi, Sandra Goldman

chapter 12|21 pages

The Role of Art Therapy Substitutes in the Education System during Maternity Leave

BySharon Snir, Racheli Raubach Kaspy