Corporate governance is not just about models of best practice organisation or prescriptions following laws or social conventions. Corporate governance is also about persons of power seeking performance, and they do so in ways that transcend structures and pre-conceived notions of the structural set-up of the business.

This book emphasises the decision-making dimensions of corporate governance, placing it right in the messy middle of the ever-changing world of capitalism, focussing on the interplay between professional managers and shareholders. This book aims to bring together several fresh perspectives on the development of capitalism seen through the lens of corporate governance. It illustrates the role of intentionality and persons, both as a method with which to understand processes of change, but also as a principle with which to seek a deeper understanding of the corporate governance choices made.

It will be of interest to researchers, academics and students in the fields of corporate governance and entrepreneurship, as well as practitioners and other audience interested in the evolution of capitalism and corporate culture.

chapter |9 pages


Bringing History Back into Corporate Governance Studies
ByKnut Sogner, Andrea Colli

chapter 1|23 pages

Managerial Capitalism and Corporate Governance

ByLeslie Hannah

chapter 2|18 pages

Lost from View

The Legal Invisibility of Managers in the UK
ByAndrew Johnston, Blanche Segrestin

chapter 4|17 pages

From Liberalism to Fascism and Back Again

Law, Politics, and the Evolution of Corporate Governance in Germany (1850–1950) *
ByStéphanie Collet, Caroline Fohlin

chapter 5|17 pages

The Organization of Banking

A Case Study of Governance and Performance
ByHarold James

chapter 6|18 pages

Corporate Governance versus Business Group Governance, Part 1

The Low-Income Trap
ByLuis Alfonso Dau, Randall K. Morck, Bernard Yeung

chapter 7|14 pages

Corporate Governance versus Business Group Governance, Part 2

The Middle-Income Trap
ByLuis Alfonso Dau, Randall K. Morck, Bernard Yeung

chapter 9|18 pages

Corporate Governance Reform in Japan

Building a System for Long-Term Value Creation *
ByUlrike Schaede

chapter 11|19 pages

The Perplexing Roles of Institutional Investors in a World of Multiple Investing Entities *

ByPeter Gourevitch, James Shinn

chapter 12|19 pages

Personal Capitalism between Individualism and Professionalization

ByAndrea Colli