Hot Art, Cold War – Southern and Eastern European Writing on American Art 1945-1990 is one of two text anthologies that trace the reception of American art in Europe during the Cold War era through primary sources.

Translated into English for the first time from sixteen languages and introduced by scholarly essays, the texts in this volume offer a representative selection of the diverse responses to American art in Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Soviet Union (including the Baltic States), Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, and East Germany (GDR). There was no single European discourse, as attitudes to American art were determined by a wide range of ideological, political, social, cultural and artistic positions that varied considerably across the European nations.

This volume and its companion, Hot Art, Cold War – Northern and Western European Writing on American Art 1945-1990, offer the reader a unique opportunity to compare how European art writers introduced and explained contemporary American art to their many and varied audiences.

Whilst many are fluent in one or two foreign languages, few are able to read all twenty-five languages represented in the two volumes. These ground-breaking publications significantly enrich the fields of American art studies and European art criticism.

part 1|56 pages


chapter |9 pages

A Difficult Gap:

The Reception of American Art in Portugal 1945–1990

part 2|70 pages


part 3|56 pages


chapter |10 pages

Pragmatic, Pioneering and Excessive:

The Reception of American Art in Italy

part 4|38 pages


chapter |11 pages

Towards a Geopolitics of Reception:

185Responses to US Art and Culture in Greece (1945–1989)

part 5|61 pages


part 6|25 pages


part 7|46 pages


part 8|46 pages


part 9|54 pages


part 10|63 pages

Soviet Union and the Baltic States

chapter |6 pages

From Thaw to Perestroika—Battle for Contemporaneity:

The Art of the United States in Soviet Russian Writing, 1969–1990

part 11|51 pages


chapter |13 pages

Official and Unofficial Introductions:

521The Reception of American Art in Communist Poland

part 12|38 pages

German Democratic Republic

chapter |12 pages

US Art in Cold War East Germany:

573“Jeans are a Mindset” 1

chapter |2 pages

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