This book brings together a collection of chapters with different research designs that explore the research, practice, and policies of community colleges.

The chapters in this book are the result of the graduate students and their faculty mentor’s scholarly work, and a rigorous special issue’s peer review process. Furthermore, this book offers recommendations on how to mentor graduate students, in the absence of research and mentorship on how to publish for graduate students and practitioner-scholars, as well as recognizing that graduate programs and professional associations are important on the socialization of practitioner-scholars.

Each book chapter addresses the implications for practice and future research, policy for community colleges, and recommendation for change indicated by the research results. Five broad research themes, higher education policy, leadership practices and roles, network community, student success, and technology, emerged from the empirical articles and critical reviews. A final chapter shares advice and lessons learned from the 30 authors and mentors.

With the exception of Chapter 14, the chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of the Community College Journal of Research and Practice.

chapter |11 pages

Publishing Graduate Students’ Research About Community Colleges

ByDeborah L. Floyd, Cristobal Salinas, Gianna Ramdin

chapter |14 pages

Crossing the Shapeless River on a Government Craft: How Military-Affiliated Students Navigate Community College Transfer

BySaralyn McKinnon-Crowley, Eliza Epstein, Huriya Jabbar, Lauren Schudde

chapter |15 pages

Historically Black Community Colleges: A Descriptive Profile and Call for Context-Based Future Research

ByKayla C. Elliott, Jarrett B. Warshaw, Crystal A. deGregory

chapter |7 pages

A Document Analysis of Student Conduct in Florida’s Community Colleges

ByAllyson Miller, Cristobal Salinas

chapter |5 pages

Texas Community Colleges Respond to the Threatened End of DACA: A Document Analysis

ByNicholas Tapia-Fuselier, Jemimah L. Young

chapter |3 pages

Reflections on Publishing Graduate Students’ Research: Advice and Lessons Learned

ByDeborah L. Floyd, Cristobal Salinas, Ethan C. Swingle, María-José Zeledón-Pérez, Sim Barhoum, Gianna Ramdin