A collection presenting cutting edge research from music, dance, performance art, fashion and visual arts, written by scholar-practitioners working in Southeast Asia.

This eclectic monograph explores multi-disciplinarily performativity through the body. Exploring the notion of the body as central to creative practice it draws together conversations centring on innovation through embodied knowledge relating to space, time and place. The authors in this collection are leaders in their field and recognized internationally. Their chapters represent new directions in thought and practice by game-changers in the arts. Underpinned by a central theme of corporeality, it is bold and innovative in its scope and range, bringing diverse disciplines together. It enables connections that create new ways of critically exploring corporeality extending beyond physicality and the traditional body-centred areas of performing arts practice.

Insightful and stimulating reading for students, scholars and practitioners across the tertiary arts sector, as well as education, therapy, cultural studies and interdisciplinary arts.

chapter |6 pages